Thursday, June 10, 2010

Buffet Royale

The weather really sucks right now, my last day out was 5 days ago and I'm getting a bit itchy. Last week I managed to get a couple good days of climbing in at the upper Lookout with Scott and Todd. Besides climbing a lot of other new routes in the 5.12 range, I got a chance to give Buffet Royale a closer look again. What a great route and a truly awesome 45m long journey. I've been on it a few times last September, but a very cold October shut down the climbing season in the Bow Valley.The picture above shows main developer Greg Toss on the lower crux sequence, and the picture below shows Derek on the upper crux, which is a bit of a Nemesis for me. Last time I fell exactly on that move and will probably fail a bunch more times. At least it happens after 40m of climbing and although you fail on the red point, you still feel like you have climbed a big route.

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