Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Victoria attempt failed early

After all the great sounding reports of awesome ski descents I got psyched on doing a "last" ski tour of the season on the intimidating NE face of Mt. Victoria. Andrew Wexler picked me up at 2 in the morning at my place, and we started walking around the Lake at 3:15. It was warm at the parking lot, way too warm and no overnight freeze. We were able to walk in our runners to about 100m below the Plain of the six glaciers. Isothermal snow made us turn around at around 2300m, a rain shower helped to make up our troubled minds, and we headed out in terrible travel conditions. We managed to finish the day with an afternoon session at Grassi, which was a good substitute for the unsuccessful morning outing. this sunrise over Lake Louise was well worth while the early start
a little hang at the Plain of 6 hut and an example of the suburb spring skiing.

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