Sunday, May 18, 2008

finally spring!

On May 8th and 9th Canmore recieved almost a meter of new snow here in town due to it's famous spring upslope storms. Since it stayed quite cold for this time of the year it has been pretty slow to melt initially, but now during the Victoria day long weekend, the heat got cranked up. Most cliffs are now in good shape for climbing, although there was a lot of wet routes due to the run off. Most challenging though proofed to be some of the approaches, all the creeks were running high and were pretty much impassable in the afternoon. Derek and I managed to get out to Lake Louise, Bataan and Acephale within the last week, and I was quite happy with my elbow, which seems to hold out quite well after taping it. Both of us tried to climb easier routes and get some milage in, before we look out for some projects for the summer. Derek seems to have his mind set on "Existance Mundane" on the upper wall of Acephale, which is certainly a great project for him. I will fly to Europe in 8 days, so no need to find something until I return end of June. On top you see the raging waterfall in the Colliseum, most of the impressive climbs are located on the wall just left of it. The picture above shows the NW-face of Wind Tower and Mt. Lougheed to the left. Both pictures were taken at almost the same time from my front deck yesterday evening.

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