Wednesday, May 21, 2008

getting in shape for Europe

It's pissing rain today, and the forecast is for more to come the next few days. This sucks, but I still have to be happy with my spring climbing preparation for my visit to Austria. Although it boiled pretty much down to 5 days on rock in a 10 day period, I feel like I've gained enough endurance and confidence to face my European hot shot buddies, without embarrassing myself. Although my elbow did not get any better, it did not deteriorate either, so I take that as a bonus. Early this morning at 6:30 I had my 3rd physio/acupuncture treatment with Barb, she seems to know what she is doing. she thinks that the problem with my elbow stems from higher up, so she works mainly on my neck and shoulders, to increase the positive flow to my arms. The picture above is taken by Derek from a route called "the dark half", and the lower picture shows Derek on the classic "Nemo", both routes are located on the lower wall of Acephale

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