Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bourgeau left

After being beat early morning yesterday by another party, I was beat again by a party today, who was there later than expected. I was hoping that nobody would be in the lower part anymore at 1 p.m., but those guys where still dicking around on the first pitch. Since I was way too keen today to touch some ice, I took my chances anyways. I had to take a little risk on the first pitch, where I decided to follow the second guy of the party on his heels, just to take the least possible chance to get hit by ice. It's a fine line of beeing very close behind him to minimize the impact of his dislodged icechunks-which by the way turned out to be huge-and being too close and ripped off the ice in case the shaky climber falls. Just before he arrived on the first anchor, I passed them, and by the time they finished reracking, I was already at the midway ledge. Now I did not have to worry about hitting them with ice anymore. They were really nice guys by the way and also from Canmore. I had myself a blast on the route and I'm slowly gaining confidence during soloing. This was the second time already I soloed this climb, it's a proud line and I can do it easily in 4h roundtrip from my doorsteps.The picture above was taken a couple of days ago from a beautiful "full moon sunset" on Lady Mac.

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