Tuesday, October 30, 2007

First Ice!

I postponed my trip to the lodge for one day in order to get a chance to touch some ice with Marc P. Our initial plan was to climb a fairly easy route up high in the Stanley Valley, just the right thing to do when you have not touched ice in a long time. Just before the parking lot of Stanley we spotted a line of ice on the Storm creek headwall. We took or chances and went for the 2.5 hour approach, which was covered in 5cm of new snow, and in places not a lot of fun. Unfortunatly the ice was thinner than expected, specially in the lower part of the 2 parallel lines we had spotted. We gave the right hand line a shot (picture), but I had to retread from this great line way too early, due to the lack of protection and self confidence. Hopefully we have a chance in the future to give it a try in fatter conditions (or bigger balls).

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