Friday, October 26, 2007

Columbia Valley ...and beyond

What a wonderful drive home from the lodge. After a good hour on the 52km logging road you have to cross the Columbia Wetlands, which are not so wet anymore in the fall. Everytime I go to and fro the Bobbie Burns for work, which is actually about 30 times a year and about 15000km, I get a chance to drive through this beautyful landscape. I think one day I might get off road due to the amazing visual distractions!

A couple of hours later I witnessed the full moon rising above Banff on Mt. Girouard. I was always surprised how such a big and dominant peak, perfectly in your face on the highway east bound and right out of town, is soo little known. I bet you if you ask ten random people on Banff Main Street, one might know. The peak is with it's 2963m also the second highest peak visible from Banff! And now, who knows the highest?